Hollys Bagged Beetle | @H13YEH

Hollys Bagged Beetle | @H13YEH

  • 13 May 2018
  • Arron collins

The Autovizions family were invited down to Johnny B’s Car Care located in Walsall by Holly herself (thank you!) where these photos of the Beetle were taken. She has always been into her Volkswagen’s especially the classics, which do hold a soft spot in all our hearts! Her first car was a Polo 6n2 which she had before getting the first Beetle for her 21st birthday. After driving a 2.0ltr Beetle for so long she then went on to buy a red 20vt which was transformed into what it is today. (I know… I didn’t believe it either)

As this is a car feature after all, let’s talk about the visuals of actual car, in the rim department this beetle is sat on 18” BBS RS alloys which look absolutely mint! The way the car sits is truly stunning and the colour combination is perfect, I think you’ll all agree!

It is on Airlift slam series with 3P management, hence why it is on the deck! It also has a pretty sick boot build to go with it. 

This particular Beetle has the US version of the rear bumper which is smoothed just like the bonnet and front bumper. A splitter is also attached to the front bumper which makes it look cute…but aggressive! It also has a spoiler which adds a little zest to the car and a Beetle with a wing on the back isn’t something you see every day so props to you Holly!

Now let’s talk colour. As you read earlier this car started its life as a Red VW Beetle and over time Holly eventually got fed up with it and decided to have a trip to B&Q. She picked up a colour chart, found the perfect colour for the Beetle and went to a body shop for them to 

match it to the car.  The paintwork is so well maintained it looks absolutely stunning to the eye and looks even more epic in person!  

On the inside, the door cards are all colour coded along with a fresh new carpet throughout.  The seats are custom from Seat Skins UK (a sponsor of Holly’s), and it also has a banging full Vibe audio set up which pumps out those tunes! 

This may be just a Beetle on the outside but this has a stage 1 remap on supported by a full Miltek turbo back system and an induction kit running appox 200 BHP. The Autovizions family cannot wait to see what is next for Holly’s Beetle, it’s one of a kind, a true show stopper. If you wish to see more of Hollys Beetle, go follow her on Instagram @H13YEH.

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