What Once Was.. A Bagged A3 | @V17UXY

What Once Was.. A Bagged A3 | @V17UXY

  • 07 Sep 2018

It's your boy Brucey back with another write-up, let's get into it.

Danny has always been into his cars, but he first got into the car scene because a pal invited him to a local car meet while he was doing recruitment for the Army in Warrington. Due to being a virgin (we was all here once) to the car scene, he didn't know what to expect… probably a bunch of knobs revving the beans out of their car or maybe worse… a dreaded Corsa (We joke of course) meet up, Right? Nope, it was the best meet he's ever been to date apparently which got him hooked into modding his own little dinger. His 106 which, he made so fast (apparently) he broke in 2 weeks...

He says his best experience in the scene is making good friends via car groups and the brands within. 

He has so much respect for anyone who appreciates, follows and supports his build as it drives him to carry on.

Enough about Danny lets get onto his car. 

First things first… The f*cking color, jheez… You can see thing from a mile away let alone hear it (To be fair it was pretty quiet Danny… so it’s a good job the colours nice and loud). Danny has wrapped his gorgeous 2010 Audi A3 1.6 TDI in Avery's Orange wrap which, makes the car instantly stand out from the rest. The wrap is complemented by his S3 gloss black skirts, rear bumper, and diffuser, not the mention that massive RS front grill adding next level aggressiveness to it. The 1.6 TDI has benefited from a nice cheeky stage 1 remap, adding some extra poke to the car. The A3 is riding on some pretty fat Axe CS lite 19’’ alloys with the car slammed on top due to the car being on Airlift performance bags with the V2 management system.

We asked Danny his future plans for the car and he said...

“Notch her get her on the floor! Retrim the interior to Orange and Black, Get a boot build of some kind and add a Jägertap feature... Make it the ultimate weekend show car!”


Fair play Danny, it’s just a shame this build didn't have a happy ending and the Audi was no more, not long after we took these photos and  planned to roll this feature out originally! However, check out his insta @V17UXY to see his replacement! Time for another photoshoot Danny? We Think so!    

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